Why is Bamboo Furniture Good For Interior Design and Home Decor ? 

bamboo furniture

The world needs more trees, so any practice that leads to deforestation is not considered good. Trees, as we all know, absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, they keep the surface of the planet cool, they hold soil together and enrich it. They also provide habitat for animals ,insects and birds etc.  Therefore, considering that natural resources are being depleted, BAMBOO FURNITURE is a "green", Eco-friendly furniture choice. Bamboo is fast growing (it grows 10 times faster than most hard woods) renewable and easy to grow resource. It is extremely versatile material with countless uses, including  construction, clothing, fuel. There are 1000 species of bamboo. This amazing plant grows in tropical and temperate environment, not needing pesticides to grow. It is a type of grass that grows from its roots. When it is cut it quickly grows back.

Benefits of Bamboo Furniture for Interior Decor

     -  It is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizer,
     -  It requires no irrigation,
     -  It rarely needs re-planting,
     -  It grows fast and can be harvested in 3-5 years,
     -  It produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees,
     -  It sequesters carbon dioxide and is a carbon neutral,
     -  It is an excellent soil erosion inhibitor,
     -  It grows in a wide range of environments,
     -  Its production into fiber has lower environmental impact than other forms
        of fibers, specially synthetic. 

bamboo chairs


It can withstand everyday use. It is far more resistant to damage than traditional hard wood furniture


Bamboo furniture will not swell or shrink  due to atmospheric changes.
For this reason outdoor furniture made from bamboo withstands the changes from humid to dry air and changes in temperature.



Here is a cool fact. Bamboo's tensile strength is 28,000 per sq. inch versus 23,000 for steel.  Bamboo fibers are also used to strengthen composite materials. What is the key to Bamboo's strength? Bamboo grows straight, no other tree grows so straight as bamboo.  There are "knuckles" but these variances are constant and dense and do not weaken the bamboo's structure. When laminated, bamboo's strength is enhanced and the lamination provides another layer against the wear and tear of use. Bamboo Furniture is thus stronger than most furniture finish.  Remember that you are getting more relevant furniture when you choose Bamboo Furniture.


Bamboo home/office furniture comes in more varieties of styles and finishes. Furniture designers are using bamboo in innovative designs to provide the audience or customers with the newest designs to set up their homes.         



Bamboo Furniture has a fine grain and is available in many stains and finishes. Your style does not need to be compromised when you add fashionable bamboo furniture and accessories.



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