Things to Keep in Mind When Setting Up A New Home

Things to Keep in Mind When Setting Up A New Home

Once you and your life partner have decided to which house you wish to move after keeping in view closeness to place of work market etc. You have to start the preparation in right earnest and keep in mind following things. First apply for gas connection,telephone and broadband connection and ofcourse cable connection and make arrangement for RO in the kitchen and also arrange for inverter in case the light goes off etc. After taking above actions you must visit the new home and start from checking locking system of the main entrance,check the call bell then see whether all lights and fans are Items working and all required power points are there and are functional. Most importantly you have to ensure there is no seepage white washing is ok and all sanitary fittings are intact and functional After fully satisfying yourself that new home is ready for occupation fix any auspicious day for shifting and start packing. To begin with start packing those items which you would not require immediately. In case your new home is at quite a distance you have to be extra careful about packing particularly fridge air conditioners crockery etc. On reaching your new home start un-packing and begin with those items which you would need immediately like kitchenware fridge and beds etc for bed room. Make your kitchen functional for food and then bed room for taking rest. Next you can un-pack items for use in living room like TV air conditioners and sofa sets etc. 
For setting up a new home cooperation of all members of the house is required. some time it takes weeks or even months to set up a new home but all the efforts put in by all members of the house are fully rewarded when you invite your close relatives and friends for a house warming party and they all shower praises for your efforts.


How to pick furniture that suits your home aesthetics

To pick aesthetically pleasing furniture for your home is a difficult task and some people who can afford hire services of Interior Decorators for this purpose. In simple language the first step that we should take in this connection is to see the space available and second step is to see for which main purpose the furniture is going to be used. For example if you are picking up furniture for living room the furniture required would be for relaxing watching TV for long hours and entertaining guests etc. Therefore apart from aesthetically pleasing you have to ensure it is functional . similarly while picking furniture for bed room like Beds and mattress you have to consider the age of the users and apart from aesthetically pleasing pick functional and suitable items. Regarding other items like tables chairs cabinets etc you have to pick up furniture according to available space and requirement.

Decide on wall color scheme before shopping home decor items

It is said color is backbone of design. As home decor items must match the wall color therefore we have to first decide the wall color in deciding wall color for different rooms we have to keep in mind that dark shades suit only large rooms. If the room is small you have to select light shade generally bright color so are selected for living rooms and soothing colors for bed room etc. Particularly for living room where generally decor items are used we have to carefully decide a color which matches decor items we have purchased or intend to purchase.