What Is Material Handling ?

Material handling machines are generally mechanical equipment that are used for movement, storage, control and protection of material, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. Material handling is loading and up-loading and movement of goods within a factory or warehouse specially with the aid of mechanical devices.
As a process material handling incorporates a wide range of manual ,semi-automated and automated equipment and systems that support logistics and make the supply chain work.

what is material handling

Their application helps with:

-Resource application
-Production planning
-Process management
-Inventory management and control
-Customer delivery
-After sale support and service

Types of Material Handling Equipment

           -Type 1 : Storage and Material Handling Equipment

           -Type 2 : Bulk Material Handling

           -Type 3 : Industrial Trucks

           -Type 4 : Engineered Systems

types of material handling


           -Type 1 : Storage and Material Handling Equipment

These are too simple types something very basic,
these are shelves and racks where we store the material in between
receiving and shipping. These are often designed to utilize vertical
space so that the warehouse can store more items. Other types in this list
include bins, drawers, stackers, frames, flow racks, cantilever
racks and mezzanines.

              -Type 2 : Bulk Material Handling

For storing, transporting and control of materials in loose or bulk form, the
following types are used:
- Stackers and reclaimers
- large machines are used to dump things into piles or to pick them
back up again other equipment in this category include hoppers
- grain elevators bucket elevators conveyor belts.

                -Type 3 : Industrial Trucks

These are vehicles or equipment that move materials. Sometime these
are automatic. Automated guided vehicles (Agv) Fall under both engineered
systems and trucks. Other types include hard trucks side loaders
pallet trucks, walkie stackers platform trucks and forklifts.

                 -Type 4 : Engineered Systems

These equipment include more complicated systems with multiple
components usually automatic examples agv(s),conveyor belts
and robotic delivery systems, automated storage and retrieval
systems(As/Rs) These types of equipment are most complicated as well as
expensive and require a lot of research to customize.


Benefits of Material Handling

(1) Optimize work site process with material handling equipment like conveyors,dock lifts and levelers, and pallet trucks scissor forklifts all work can be made easier and can reduce the number of workers required to perform the task.

(2) Maximize inventory management the ideal system will help assure access and control when inventory is at the right place at the right time there is less chance of searching for misplaced items,accident or damage to products.

(3) Optimize productivity it is not just reducing manpower by using material handling equipment it is about designing the job to fit the worker. Beyond efficiency you can thus create a safer and more comfortable place to work which will have a positive effect on productivity.

(4) Improve customer service it all adds up to customer receiving their shipments as expected undamaged and right on time.

(5) Create a better working environment when you integrate ergonomic materials handling system you will help protect the physical welfare of your workers.

(6) Optimize workers efficiency workers prefer task with confidence when they know that you have implemented systems and processes aimed at making the most of their labor. In fact,material handling systems that optimize over all work flow inspire confidence among employees it is a smart way to promote positive work place culture that attracts top quality candidates.

(7) Reduces injuries and strains when you reduce the volume of material to be handled manually you also reduce the instances of injuries and strain.

(8) Improve safety
when you reduce injuries you have increased safety of your workers.