Types of Security Systems & Equipment 

Security System is considered most essential these days considering the increase in rate of crimes. Be it your home or your business premises you need security equipment to protect yourself and your family or your business assets and employees. It is, therefore, advisable to make provision for latest security equipment as cost of action to buy such equipment is nominal but result of in-action to go in for these is some time most disastrous.


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Security System & Equipment available includes:

  • X-Ray Baggage scanners,
  • Door Frame Metal Detectors,
  • Hand Held Metal Detectors,
  • Letter Bomb Detectors,Explosives Detector, 
  • Vehicle inspection detector,
  • CCTV cameras,
  • Electronic Article Surveillance System tags,barriers.

X-Ray Baggage scanners

To ensure high level of security at public places where football is quite heavy, one of the important security gadget that is selected is X-ray Baggage Scanner which is used for detection of in-wanted  objects or substances hidden inside carry Bags etc These machines are manufactured in different tunnel sizes to suit the requirement.For example if the machine is to be used at the entrance of a shopping mall the size of  carry bags that need scanning would include ladies hand bags or laptop bags of gents.For this purpose generally tunnel size of 50x30cm is preferred. For larger sizes of carry bags machines having tunnel size of 65x50 cm is preferred or for air ports where large size of suitcases are to be scanned tunnel size of 100x100cm is preferred The process of scanning is simple and quick.You can immediately view on the monitor Non-flickering digital image for which there is provision for archiving. There are many other features and software that can be provided on these machines To look after radiation hazard attributed to these machines Govt of India has entrusted the job to Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB )who not only examine and approve the manufacturing facilities but also grant approval for different models.


Door Frame Metal Detectors

A Door Frame Metal Detector(DFMD) which is also called Walk Through Metal Detector Is a door which is designed and fabricated to detect any metal hidden on the body of a person passing through it. DFMDs are manufactured in single zones or in multi zones. Difference between the two is that in single zone display is provided at the top at one place where LED according to sensitivity levels are fitted. These LEDs glow according to the size of metal being carried through it. For example if a person is hiding a pistol in his pocket all the LEDs would glow. However in a Multi Zone DFMD LEDs are provided in the side panels and if a person carrying a pistol passes through this DFMD  and he has hidden the pistol in left pocket of his pant LEDs closer to that portion would glow which would immediately help to search the exact body part a part from multi-zone DFMDs are also manufactured with IP address for monitoring the working from a remote place Recently,DFMDs with thermal imaging features have been also added to the different types of DFMDs being manufactured these days

Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD)

Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD) is most common security gadget used for General Frisking or Pilferage Check. For general frisking models with rechargeable batteries and charger are preferred For pilferage check HHMDs are manufactured to detect pilferage of small metals like nuts or bolts The most sensitive model manufactured have sensitivity of staple pin that is metal as small as staple pin can be detected so far as general frisking is concerned it is done by almost touching the body of a person to find out whether any metal has been hidden.

Vehicle inspection detector

This security gadget is manufactured to inspect undercarriage of any vehicle it is mounted on a trolley and a light is provided on the extendable handle to facilitate inspection.