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What is Industrial Equipment?

Industrial machinery and equipment means such machinery and equipment, including water and air pollution control equipment and solid waste disposal facilities, other than vehicular equipment, as shall be necessary, suitable, intended for, or incidental to the use to which the industrial building in or near which the machinery or equipment shall be situated is to be put. For example, a dehumidifier installed for the sole purpose of conditioning air in a factory, where the manufacturing of electronic components requires a controlled-humidity environment, will be considered industrial machinery and equipment. Any equipment that is used by industry/manufacturer before,during and after production of a product is called Industrial Equipment. If we think of those in construction business industrial equipment that immediately comes to our mind is Forklift which is used for loading or unloading bricks,steel girders etc. Similarly,if we think of those managing warehouses what immediately comes to mind is Fork Lift which is called Industrial Equipment and is used for loading/unloading heavy materials. inside the warehouse industrial equipment that are used include scissor lifts, stackers, hand pallets etc.


What Are the Equipment Used in Construction?

I have described there 10 types of most important equipment for construction work:-

What Are the Equipment Used in Construction?
In the construction industry, many types of equipment are used to save time and labor costs. Types of equipment that are used are too many but the following are most important.
1st is an excavator. As soon as building plans are approved and construction work is taken up in hand the first thing that is required is an excavator which is widely used not only for excavation but also for lifting heavy equipment and demolition work etc.
2nd is the backhoe which is used for multi-purposes. This is also used for excavation, loading/Up-loading, and lifting of heavy material.
3rd is a dragline excavator. This is also another heavy equipment that is used for larger depth excavation. It has a long-length boom that is suspended from the top of the boom using a cable.
4th equipment is called bulldozer which is also heavy equipment which is used for soil excavation. The removal of soil is done by the sharp-edged wide metal plate at the front which can be lowered and raised by using hydraulic pistons.
5th equipment is called graders this is used for the construction of roads by leveling the soil surface.
6th equipment is known as wheel tractor scrapers this is used to flatten soil surface through scraping. The front part contains a wheeled tractor vehicle and the rear part contains a scraping device.
7th piece of equipment is called trenchers. This is used for laying pipelines and cables etc.
8th equipment is known as loaders. These are used to load the material onto dumpers trucks etc.

9th equipment is called TOWER CRANES. These are used for hoisting purposes in the construction of tall structures of material like concrete blocks steel trusses etc which are to be lifted at required heights.

10th equipment is called PAVER. This is pavement laying equipment that is used in road construction.

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