Construction is one of the most dangerous & riskiest jobs. The number of fatalities in the construction industry is the highest compared to all other industries. as it involves machines and humans both. So, construction employers & labours face some common risk factors that can turn out to be life-threatening. When it comes to protecting workers at a job site, personal protective equipment (PPE) is the best option.

We are the experts in manufacturing of construction safety equipment & items like body harness, corner guard, face protection, fire alarm systems, flexible post gloves, hearing protection, helmet, road marking machine, safety hooks/Connector, safety net, shoes, jackets,goggles, gumboots, speed breaker, warning sign chain, rope and etc. We are a widely recognized brand of safety equipment in India. We always use the best quality products while manufacturing safety equipment . These items protect you & your labour while doing construction work. We manufacture equipment & items which are ergonomic, safe, and require minimal maintenance to achieve higher returns for our customers.

 Every life is precious.

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